With 20 years of photography experiences in the field, We at Eternal Memories Studio combine top range photographic equipment and skills to elevate your expectation of good photographs to the next level.



Commercial Advertising


From conceptualizing a storyboard to the end product, our creative freedom to interpret how products, services, lifestyles and ideas can be presented photographically is much value-added.



During the wedding day, the bride and bridegroom will be totally immersed in their happiness and should be worry free.

We will be based at your selected location to photograph each and every precious moment for you and you will have no regret for this!

Ministerial & PR Event


With more than 15 years experience in covering ministerial to public relation events, all critical moments will never be missed.


Corporate Portrait


There is no shortage of creative profile pictures, but with our expertise in the industry, you can be assured that your picture will leave a lasting impression on your audience. 

   Lifestyle    Portrait


We have extensive experience in capturing your best feature and most importantly, your laughter & your smile.

Eric Cheong

The RainMaker/ DP

Eric Cheong has been in contemporary photography for more than 15 years, covering Events, Weddings, Portraits and Commercial & Advertising.

Born in Singapore, Eric studied information technology& programming, before going on to work in a IT distribution company. After several years of distribution work, Eric made his first career change. With his 1st digital camera Canon 10D, he started his photography career till now.

Been self taught and learning on the job, he realized that in order to succeed in photography, you need to be extremely patient and have a vast contacts of friends. Never be selfish to share your skill set, you never know what other photographers will share with you.

With a camera in his bag, he traveled to interesting countries like Bhutan, Nepal, Japan, Korea, Australia, Philippines, China, Thailand, East & West Malaysia and Indonesia. Vast collections of different cultures were creatively photographed.

Favorite sentence : Everyday is a different day, you never shoot the same stuff everyday. Live Hard, Shoot Hard and Play Hard too !! )



Stan Ngo

SENIOR Photographer

Stan is an Australia trained photographer specializing in Portrait, Corporate, Commercial, Event and Landscape photography that embodies simplicity and style with a natural and modern touch to it.

Growing up as a child, he built his first pinhole camera and was fascinated at how images were created from the light projected. After 15 years in the corporate world, traveled and worked in many countries around the world, Stan decided to follow his dream and turn his passion into reality by becoming a full-time professional photographer.

He has developed a distinctive style that is dramatic and visually compelling through careful composition of lighting, perspective and subject matter.

His philosophy is that there is beauty in all things, and finding it is the role of the photographer.

Having traveled and lived in many cities around the world from London, Zurich, Paris, New York, Nagoya, Hong Kong and recently Sydney, he now incorporates his experiences into his photography style.

Wong Mac

Cinematographer / Chief Editor(Wedding)

Wong Mac is a veteran in the video-graphy industry for more than 10years, he maintain his live editing style as he truly feels that couples want to remember the real expressions in their unscripted unique moments. He is also an expert in creating dainty, loving stories through video. With his gentle touch, his creations will pull the heartstrings of many, and also your big precious fairy tales.

Let our creative works do the talking…

“What do i treasure most to my work is the individual opportunity. Every day is a different assignment, and every assignment is a different environment. But what matters most is that each picture has on its own story, with its own feeling and value.”








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